Create interfaces with fully customizable React components

This library of accessible components is entirely based on styled-component which makes it fully customizable just by setting the theme. That way you can focus on the interfaces and design team can focus on the style guide.


Normal installation

To use this library, simply add it as a dependency to your yarn or npm project by running the command:

npm install --save atti-components
// Or
yarn add atti-components

Unstable installation

Sometimes, we will provide a release candidate version to enable everyone to test upcoming features. To use it, simply run:

npm install --save atti-components@next
// Or
yarn add atti-components@next


Then add the ThemeProvider, a default theme and your components:

import {
  Button, ThemeProvider, defaultTheme
} from 'atti-components'

const App = () => (
  <ThemeProvider theme={defaultTheme}>